John Burgess

Journal article

Does gratitude ensure workplace happiness among university teachers? Examining the role of social and psychological capital and spiritual climate

The study examines the necessity and sufficiency of gratitude for supporting workplace happiness among Indian university teachers. It also explores the mediating effect of psychological capital and social capital in the relationship between gratitude and workplace happiness. The moderating effect of spiritual climate is investigated...

Audio podcast

Research that matters: economic and social benefits of research

In this episode, Torrens University researchers discuss how research can help champion social justice issues and bring about cultural change.
Journal article

Technologically mediated human resource management in the gig economy

Gig work accessed through the medium of digital platforms has become an increasingly researched and debated topic owing to several features which distinguish it from other variants of temporary work. It represents a form of working that typically falls outside the standard boundaries of the...

Conference paper

Beach erosion and nourishment in Gold Coast: Perceptions, policies and prospects

This paper conducts an exploratory pilot research project to examine the question of - “how do local residents and tourists perceive the problem of beach erosion and to what extent are they willing to support beach nourishment initiatives”?

Wastewater – an untapped resource?

These pressures require the water industry to develop innovative and more efficient processes to optimise resource recovery from wastewater, according to a new report by the Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). The report notes that Australian wastewater contains nutrients, carbon, energy and other inorganic...