Janet Taylor

Janet Taylor is a Senior Researcher with a particular interest in disadvantaged  families and social exclusion. She joined the Brotherhood of St Laurence in 1988 and her research areas have included immigrant and refugee settlement, health needs, young people, unemployment and attitudes to poverty. Projects include the longitudinal Life Chances Study and the Understanding Poverty Project. Janet has a MA Sociology from La Trobe University, and a BA and Diploma, Social Studies from the University of Melbourne. She is an Honorary Senior Fellow in the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne.

Now we are 21: an overview of the longitudinal Life Chances Study

The Brotherhood of St Laurence’s longitudinal Life Chances Study started in Melbourne in 1990. The study has comprised ten stages, the most recent completed in 2012 when the children, who were born in 1990, were 21 years old. This paper presents an overview of the...

Turning 21: Life chances and uncertain transitions

Traditionally, the transition from school to work has been important for young adults, and turning 21 was recognised as the marker of adulthood in Australia, when young people had jobs—and even families of their own. Social and economic changes over the past 30 years or...

Turning 18: pathways and plans

The longitudinal Life Chances Study has followed some 140 young people from diverse backgrounds since they were infants. This report documents the altest stage of the project. In 2008 the Life Chances group turned 18: many finished school, while others were already launched into the...

Stories of early school leaving: pointers for policy and practice

The stories of eight young people who left school early, interviewed when aged 17 for Stage 8½ of the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s longitudinal Life Chances Study, illustrate their complex lives as they consider employment, training and other facets of their future. Their experience leads...