Lucy Nelms


Labour supply responses to an increase in minimum wages: an overview of the literature

The paper provides an overview of economic theory on labour supply and discusses factors that can affect the labour supply decision including financial and non-financial benefits or disincentives, individual or household characteristics and labour demand. This review found relatively few research papers on the labour...

Employees earning below the Federal Minimum Wage

This report considers explanations for why data show adult employees earning below the hourly Federal Minimum Wage (FMW), including whether identifiable categories of employees fall into this group, and the extent to which this phenomenon is due to data problems. The three main data sources...

Retail trade industry profile

This report examines the structure and workforce of the Retail trade industry. Topics covered include: an industry overview; industry performance and trends; forms and conditions of employment; and earnings and wage instruments.The retail industry is relatively concentrated among large firms and profit margins are the...

Young people with poor labour force attachment

Drawing on labour force data and previous research findings, this report explores poor labour force attachment among young people. It focuses particularly on the ‘not fully engaged’ (NFE) group of young people and its changing composition over the past decade. Alternative indicators that may better...

Life chances at 16: Life chances study stage 8

Stage 8 of the longitudinal Life Chances Study explores the situations of 125 young Australians (75 girls and 50 boys) from diverse backgrounds, their current engagement with school and work and their future plans at the age of 16. The survey responses confirmed the continuity...