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Australian Fair Pay Commission

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Young people with poor labour force attachment

Drawing on labour force data and previous research findings, this report explores poor labour force attachment among young people. It focuses particularly on the ‘not fully engaged’ (NFE) group of young people and its changing composition over the past decade. Alternative indicators that may better...

Retail trade industry profile

This report examines the structure and workforce of the Retail trade industry. Topics covered include: an industry overview; industry performance and trends; forms and conditions of employment; and earnings and wage instruments.The retail industry is relatively concentrated among large firms and profit margins are the...

Accommodation, cafés and restaurants industry profile

The first part is a quantitative analysis of the industry, including of its structure, business performance, employment characteristics and wage trends. The industry is highly competitive, with low barriers to entry and relatively low average profit margins. The majority of workers in the industry are...

Health and community services industry profile

This report profiles the Health and community services industry, drawing on statistical analysis and focus group research. It reviews the economic performance of the industry over the medium-term, employment and wage patterns, and the recent experiences of employers and employees. The first part is a...

Manufacturing industry profile

This report provides a profile of the Manufacturing industry and its workforce, focusing on the sectors in which low-paid employees are relatively concentrated. Topics covered include industry structure and performance, the Manufacturing labour market, and earnings and wage instruments. Manufacturing has a mixture of low...