Anne McNevin


“Our boats, our people, our knowledge”

Australia is sending dubious messages to Indonesian fishing communities For the past fifteen years, Australia has funded information campaigns designed to deter asylum seekers from reaching Australian shores. In countries of origin and at transit points, films, billboards and TV commercials have warned asylum seekers...

Beyond deterrence: reframing the asylum seeker debate

It’s time to fundamentally rethink Australia’s approach to asylum seekers, free of narrow assumptions about what’s politically feasible.

How to break the people smugglers' real business model

THE federal government claims that its new asylum seeker policy – the PNG solution – breaks the people smugglers’ business model. Anyone smuggled by boat to Australia will be removed to Papua New Guinea for processing and won’t be resettled in Australia. People smugglers will...

Young people with poor labour force attachment

Drawing on labour force data and previous research findings, this report explores poor labour force attachment among young people. It focuses particularly on the ‘not fully engaged’ (NFE) group of young people and its changing composition over the past decade. Alternative indicators that may better...

Seeking safety, not charity

There are currently between 8,000-10,000 asylum seekers living in the Australian community awaiting decisions at different stages of their applications for protection visas and appeals procedures. Many of these asylum seekers are BVE holders and as such are denied work-rights, income support, and access to...