Savitri Taylor

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The use of non-judicial accountability mechanisms by the refugee sector in Australia

This report presents a study of one of the most contested areas of public policy in Australia, refugee policy, during one of its worst periods. It is a study of how the refugee sector has engaged with a suite of mechanisms established to keep the...

Beyond deterrence: reframing the asylum seeker debate

It’s time to fundamentally rethink Australia’s approach to asylum seekers, free of narrow assumptions about what’s politically feasible.

The asylum freeze and international law

It’s likely that last week’s decision is based on an overly optimistic assessment of conditions in source countries, writes Savitri Taylor.

Australia’s expanding borders

Our border cooperation with regional neighbours has entered questionable territory, writes Savitri Taylor.

Liberalism's asylum dilemma

There’s a price to be paid if we wish to remain a liberal society, write Savitri Taylor and Brynna Rafferty-Brown