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La Trobe University School of Education submission to the Inquiry into the use of generative artificial intelligence in the Australian education system

Other authors
Stefan Schutt, Bernadette Walker-Gibbs, Melissa Barnes, Miriam Tanti, Scott Alterator, Kate Lafferty, Adam Staples, Tanya Serry, Joanna Barbousas
This submission by the School of Education (La Trobe University, Australia) was developed to inform policy discussions surrounding the uses and implications of Generative AI for education in Australia.

Final evaluation of Eastern Community Legal Centre’s Elder Abuse Response Programs - ROSE and ELSA service trials

Other authors
Helen Borland, Penny Cearns, Esther Le Couteur, Anastasia Kanjere
These reports share key lessons for service providers delivering elder abuse services, advocate for the expansion of integrated elder abuse services, and draw attention to systemic gaps that must be addressed in order for elder abuse to be resolved.
Journal article

Examining social class as it relates to heuristics women use to determine the trustworthiness of information regarding the link between alcohol and breast cancer risk

High rates of alcohol consumption by midlife women, despite the documented risks associated with breast cancer, varies according to social class. However, we know little about how to develop equitable messaging regarding breast cancer prevention that takes into consideration class differences in the receipt and...
Journal article

Governing for quality and safety: a new province for boards of Australian aged care and disability support providers?

This article addresses the question of to what extent changes in legislation and regulatory standards in aged care and disability create new expectations of these boards and directors.
Conference paper

What is a 20-minute neighbourhood and what might make us all care?

Several capital cities in Australia, albeit to differing degrees and scope, have been embedding local living policies in their metropolitan strategies. This paper's comparative overview of such policies from Australia and overseas, identified salient differences and commonalities.