Waving, but also drowning

The rising death toll in the Mediterranean reflects a deeper problem with European policy towards irregular migrants.

Germany, one year on

Anniversaries are opportunities for reflection and re-evaluation. In recent weeks, news media around the world have commemorated and reassessed the events of late August and early September 2015 that led to the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers, and their initially...

The resettlement of refugees in Australia: a bibliography

Since the end of the Second World War, Australia has formally resettled over 800,000 refugees. Their settlement has been the subject of a significant amount of research. This bibliography lists a total of 1451 postgraduate theses, books, book chapters, journal articles and reports, including 644...

Dealing with Mr Erdogan

The agreement hammered out in Brussels on Friday creates fresh uncertainty and renewed danger for refugees It would be easy to lose count of the European Council meetings convened in recent months to devise a concerted response to the arrival of refugees in Europe. Each...

1938 revisited? Should doors open wider to Syrian refugees?

Does it seem that every time the world watches refugees flee violence and persecution while politicians claim their country can't possibly take in asylum seekers, we lamentingly claim that the world will never again turn its back on these people. And yet the next time...