Mark Thirlwell

Fact sheet

Room to grow: the Australia–India economic relationship

This resource shows the importance of ongoing development of economic ties between Australia and India. India is also only a modest destination for Australian outward investment, ranking as our 18th most popular investment destination and accounting for just 0.5 per cent of the total stock...

Saving multilateralism: the G20, the WTO, and world trade

The multilateral trading system, an important contributor to global peace and prosperity, is in trouble. This paper argues that its time for G20 Leaders to work harder to save it. Key findings: Since the second half of the twentieth century, the multilateral trading system has...

The G20 leaders’ process five years on: an assessment from an Asian perspective

One of the most significant developments in global economic leadership in recent years has been the development of the G20 Leaders’ Summit. After a positive start, particularly with the 2009 London G20 Leaders’ Summit, the G20 has more recently been criticized as losing focus and...

The Eurozone's bad bets: a beginner's guide to the Eurozone crisis

In this new Working Paper, Mark Thirlwell provides a beginner’s guide to the Eurozone crisis. He argues that the Eurozone experiment has rested on a series of big economic and political bets, and that it’s now clear that almost none of them have paid off...

The world economy, Murphy's law and Finagle's corollary

Over the second half of last year, the world economy seemed to be sliding inexorably towards another major financial crisis. In the event, actions by an aggressive European Central Bank managed to halt the slide to Eurogeddon. But a fragile world economy remains dangerously vulnerable...