Adrienne Millbank

About: Adrienne Millbank has been a policy officer in the Department of Immigration, a senior advisor on immigration, refugee and population issues in the Research Service of the Australian Parliamentary Library, and a research associate with the Centre for Population and Urban Research at Monash University. Her publications include briefing and research papers for the Parliamentary Library, articles on the international asylum system for the CPUR journal People and Place, and a chapter on border protection for the Menzies House publication State of the Nation: aspects of Australian Public Policy. email:

Australia's settlement services for refugees and migrants 2006

Adrienne Millbank, Janet Phillips and Catherine Bohm provide an overview of Australia's settlement services for migrants and humanitarian entrants, and a guide to internet resources, research and comment on current settlement issues in Australia. They also provide information about the development of settlement and ‘integration’...

A seasonal guest-worker program for Australia?

Calls have intensified in recent years for Australia to introduce a seasonal guest-worker program of unskilled or low-skilled workers from the Pacific region. Adrienne Millbank surveys the main arguments.

The detention and removal of asylum seekers

In this e-brief Janet Phillips and Adrienne Millbank summarise recent developments and key issues in the debate about mandatory detention in Australia. They provide links to web sites and material covering detention policy and practice in Australia, and detention and removal policies and practices in...

Refugees and asylum seekers: a guide to key resources and recent developments

This resource guide provides links to statistics and information about the world's refugees, asylum seekers and others 'of concern'. It focuses on key agencies and materials that track recent developments and explore current issues. It aims to enable comparisons to be made between Australian and...

Protecting Australia's borders

In the pre-election environment of 2001, the Australian government introduced legislative changes allowing some of Australia's territory to be excised from the migration zone in order to discourage non-citizens from arriving unlawfully in Australia by boat. People attempting to do so since then have been...