Jeffrey Grierson

Professor Jeffrey Grierson is a social psychologist with a long-standing interest in sexuality, HIV/AIDS and social inclusion. He has worked in the HIV/AIDS field within academia, community organisations, and government for over 20 years. His particular interest is in the intersection of personal experience and social structures, specifically under the rubric of ‘community’.  Professor Grierson currently undertakes research within the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education at Anglia Ruskin University. His research activity focuses on social inclusion, sexuality, sexual health, access to health systems by marginalised populations and the promotion of health within populations of identity.

HIV futures seven: the health and wellbeing of HIV positive people in Australia

Executive summary DEMOGRAPHICS The HIV Futures 7 survey was completed by 1058 HIV positive Australians from all states and territories. This represents approximately 4.3% of the estimated HIV positive population.

HIV futures six: making positive lives count

The HIV Futures 6 survey was completed by 1106 HIV positive Australians from all states and territories. This represents approximately 6.6% of the estimated HIV positive population. 92.4% were male (1018), 7.4% were female (81) and 0.3% were transgender (3). 78.5% were gay men, 7.5%...

An ordinary night out - A report on the research project pivotal, peripheral or positional: Understanding SOPVs for intervention

This research was designed to gather information and increase understanding about sex on premises venues (SOPVs) so as to enhance the capacity of public health and gay community stakeholders to better address recent rises in HIV and other STIs. The research sought to gain knowledge...

HIV futures NZ2: Mate araikore a muri ake nei (Tuarua)

The Living with HIV Program is a part of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University. The program conducts social research into the lived experience of HIV. The HIV Futures New Zealand 2 survey was completed by 261...

A review of knowledge about the sexual networks and behaviours of men who have sex with men in Asia

While some developing countries have begun researching male-to-male sexual activities and interests, many gaps exist in the understanding of sexual networking within MSM populations, and between MSM populations and wider populations. This study was commissioned by Family Health International (FHI) and undertaken by the Australian...