Karalyn McDonald


HIV futures six: making positive lives count

The HIV Futures 6 survey was completed by 1106 HIV positive Australians from all states and territories. This represents approximately 6.6% of the estimated HIV positive population. 92.4% were male (1018), 7.4% were female (81) and 0.3% were transgender (3). 78.5% were gay men, 7.5%...

The journey continues: women living with HIV/AIDS in Australia

There are nearly 20 million women living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, comprising half of the total number of people living with this virus. Like the women overseas, women living with HIV in Australia have diverse in their experiences, values, needs and expectations. This report surveys the...

HIV futures 3: Positive Australians on services, health and well-being

It is now four years since the original HIV Futures report was released and we had for the first time a comprehensive picture of the complexity and diversity of the lives of HIV positive Australians. This survey, HIV Futures 3: Positive Australians on Services, Health...

Motherhood and HIV positive women in Australia: papers from the HIV Futures I and II surveys and interviews

INTRODUCTION Motherhood and HIV positive women in Australia collects together as a report three conference papers delivered between 1999 and 2001. This report is aimed at health service providers, policy makers and people living with HIV and AIDS. It details empirical information and informed discussion...

HIV Futures II: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with HIV

This report provides details about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians living with HIV who filled in and returned questionnaires as part of the HIV Futures II survey. The HIV Futures II survey was conducted by the Living with HIV research program at the Australian...