Sandy Gordon


Will China “wedge” India and the US?

China’s profession of friendship with India is suspected to be a tactical move in the wider strategic game of China’s rise as an East Asian and Pacific power, argues this paper. Summary Commentators have generally assumed that the Obama Administration’s wrong-footedness over Modi’s US visa...

India’s rise as an Asia–Pacific power: rhetoric and reality

India’s role in the Asia–Pacific is still circumscribed by a number of restraints that act to shape a ‘continental’ posture to its security—despite its ‘Look East’ rhetoric. Factors determining the continental posture include India’s difficult internal and border security environments; its large number of people...
Journal article

The quest for a concert of powers in Asia

As China rises to power in Asia, the hunt is on for a means to ensure its ‘peaceful rise’. One approach advanced in the Australian debate is that Beijing might be inducted into a concert of powers, similar to the Concert of Europe. But different...

Widening horizons: Australia's new relationship with India

This report examines the effects this will have on the strategic architecture of Asia and the challenges facing Australia in developing the relationship between the two countries. Given India’s rise as a significant Indian Ocean and Asian power, Australia has pressing reasons for developing a...