Santosh Banadahally Manjegowda

Santosh is a Change Management Consultant with nearly two decades' experience of assisting organisational leaders (at all levels of management) and teams in achieving better performance. His competency spans across a wide range of areas including consulting, research, teaching, strategic planning, technical & administrative leadership, training & development, marketing, sales & distribution gained in multiple industries (viz. universities, airlines, rail and bus transport, agricultural processing, automobile, consumer electronics & durables, personal care, manufacturing, and machine tools) in India and Australia.  He has a substantial experience in designing, leading and implementing a wide range of institutional growth & development strategies, and repositioning initiatives at Indian HEIs.
Alternate Name:
B.M Santosh

Do leaders' characteristics and organisational culture matter while downsizing? A study of publicly funded Australian universities

This research investigated why leaders would differ in their approaches to downsizing by exploring downsizing strategies while considering leaders’ characteristics and organisational culture in Australian universities.