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Take notice, believe us and act! Exploring the safety of children and young people in government run organisations

This report explores the views of 59 Tasmanian children and young people to understand their contemporary experiences of government-run and government-funded services and to use those findings to inform recommendations about how institutions and systems might better prevent and respond to harm.

The changing role of local government in Australia: national survey findings

The aim of this report is to analyse public perceptions on the changing role of local government in Australia.

'There’s not just a gap, there’s a chasm': the boundaries between Australian disability services and prisons

This report explores the results of a study into the intersection between disability and corrective services in Australia from the viewpoint of stakeholders who work with criminal justice-involved people with disability.
Conference paper

Calculation of policy-relevant spatial indicators of urban liveability: experiences of scaling a research programme from local to global

A pilot project, which focused on Melbourne in 2012, developed an initial workflow to calculate address-level liveability measures. This paper reviews methodological challenges encountered in the scaling up of this 5-year collaborative research program.

Gambling harm experienced by children of parents who gamble

Through surveys and interviews, this study seeks to better understand the harm experienced by children that can be attributed to their parents’ gambling.