Paul Delfabbro

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Gambling prevalence in South Australia (2018): final report

This report outlines the results of a 2018 survey of 20,000 South Australian residents, who were surveyed for their participation in gambling, problem gambling, risk of problem gambling and gambling harm.
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Gender differences in the presentation of observable risk indicators of problem gambling

This article looks at behavioural indicators that might be used to profile potentially problematic gambling.

Convergence of gambling and gaming in digital media

This study explores the convergence between gambling and gaming and the implications it has for young people. The study reports gambling and gaming are converging. Gambling products are increasingly incorporating gaming themes and elements, such as elements of skill. Video games may imitate gambling (as...
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Recent innovations in video game addiction research and theory

The empirical research literature on technology-based addictions, particularly addiction to the Internet and online video games, has grown dramatically in both the Western and Eastern contexts.

Developing models of good practice in meeting the needs of homeless young people in rural areas: final report

Andrew Beer, Paul Delfabbro, Susan Oakley, Fiona Verity, Kristin Natalier, Jasmin Packer and Alice Bass presents the outcomes of a research into models of good practice in meeting the needs of homeless young people in rural areas of Australia. They show that young people living...