Paul Delfabbro


Adverse childhood experiences and trauma among young people in the youth justice system

This report examines the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences in a representative sample of young people under youth justice supervision in South Australia.

Culturally diverse children in out-of-home care: safety, wellbeing, cultural and family connections

The overall aim of this study is to collect detailed information about the life course development of children who enter OOHC for the first time and the factors that influence their development.

Developmental outcomes of children and young people in relative/kinship care and foster care

This research report examines how exposure to different types of care (relative/kinship vs. foster care) is related to developmental outcomes of children who have experienced out-of-home care over a five year period.

Gambling prevalence in South Australia (2018): final report

This report outlines the results of a 2018 survey of 20,000 South Australian residents, who were surveyed for their participation in gambling, problem gambling, risk of problem gambling and gambling harm.

Aboriginal children in out-of-home care in NSW: developmental outcomes and cultural and family connections

The aim of this report was to examine the outcomes for Aboriginal children placed into out-of-home care in the Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study (POCLS).