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Gambling participation and risk after COVID-19: analysis of a population representative longitudinal panel of Australians

This study investigates the impact of COVID-19 on gambling participation and risky gambling before, during and after the pandemic-related social restrictions. The main findings show a reduction in overall gambling levels during the pandemic, with a slight increase of gambling levels by January 2023.

Review of the service system and implementation requirements for raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility in the Australian Capital Territory: final report

The ACT Legislative Assembly has committed to raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility. This report identifies opportunities for reform to achieve improved outcomes for children and their families. It also proposes an alternative response to meet the needs of children affected by the changing...

Experiences of people with mental ill-health involved in family court or child protection processes: a rapid evidence review

This rapid evidence review identifies key specific programs or strategies that have been deployed to address issues of mental ill-health in family law and child protection service users. The authors also provide insights into how to best prevent or mitigate the effects of stigma and...

Gambling harm experienced by children of parents who gamble

Through surveys and interviews, this study seeks to better understand the harm experienced by children that can be attributed to their parents’ gambling.

Main findings from the kContact trial of a contact intervention to support parents with children in out-of-home care

This research summary outlines the main outcomes and implications for practice of the kContact study, which was conducted across three jurisdictions in Australia. The trial took place between 2015 and 2017 in Victoria and ACT, and 2017 to 2018 in NSW.