Andrew Day


The forgotten victims: prisoner experience of victimisation and engagement with the criminal justice system

Many women in prison have experienced intimate partner violence. As this form of violence is often intergenerational and entrenched, women in prison are widely considered to be at particular risk of ongoing victimisation following release. And yet, with support needs often unrecognised, it is likely...
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Adolescent and young adult substance use in Australian Indigenous communities: a systematic review of demand control program outcomes

This study reports the findings of a systematic review of the published literature evaluating the impact of substance use programs on Australian Indigenous youth.
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Distant relations: limits to relational contracting in domestic violence programmes

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to assess the applicability of relational contract theory in situations where government departments contract with non-government welfare organisations to deliver human service programmes. Its limits are highlighted by an assessment of programmes for domestically violent men that...
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The management of sex offenders in the community: from policy to practice

This paper provides an overview of the most significant public policy initiatives that apply to known sexual offenders who live in the community.
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Professional views on the management of sex offenders in the community

Sex offender registration and community notification schemes form an increasingly important part of public policy relevant to the management of known sex offenders in the community. Critics of these policies not only point to the lack of empirical evidence that is currently available to support...
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