Graeme Neate

Conference paper

Resolving native title issues: travelling on train tracks or roaming the range?

With most of the apprehension, uncertainty and fear that was associated initially with native title has dissipated, this paper examines the areas in which the legislation and native title processes could be improved. The paper examines the following issues: • What native title issues need...

Negotiating comprehensive settlements of native title claims

This paper focuses on the resolution of native title claims by negotiated outcomes and looks at the range of options for settlement expressly contemplated, or permitted, by the Native Title Act. It looks in some detail at the various factors that can affect the pace...

Improving and using the native title scheme: visions and dreams for the future

It is 15 years since the Native Title Act commenced to operate, and it is appropriate to take stock of what has been achieved to date, look at some of the challenges ahead and think creatively about how those challenges might be met so that...

Native title claims: overcoming obstacles to achieve real outcomes

This paper provides a stocktake of key outcomes achieved to date and an estimate of how long it will take to finalise native title claims, an assessment of the main obstacles to resolving claims, and an analysis of an approach which all participants could take...

Significance of the Single Noongar determination over Perth

On 19 September the Federal Court determined that native title exists in some areas in the Perth metropolitan area. Tribunal President Graeme Neate spoke about the significance of this decision in this interview on ABC TV's 7.30 Report.