Kate Warner


Public judgement on sentencing: final results from the Tasmanian Jury Sentencing Study

Portrayals of a punitive public are misleading, argues this study on sentencing. This seminal study, which was funded by the Criminology Research Council, is the first reported study to use jurors in real trials to gauge public opinion about sentences and sentencing. Using jurors is...

Gauging public opinion on sentencing: can asking jurors help?

The study reported here examined the value of using jurors to help the justice system understand public opinion about sentencing and to inform the public on crime and sentencing issues.The disconnect between public opinion and reality in offending and sentencing is well understood, but jurors...

Intoxication and criminal responsibility

This report addresses the questions of when, and in what ways, an accused’s state of intoxication (whether by alcohol or drugs) is relevant to their trial for a criminal offence. Kate Warner makes 13 recommendations for reform including the key recommendation that evidence of intoxication...