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Legal recognition of sex and gender: final report

This report discusses amendments to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1999 (Tas) and other matters relating to the legal recognition of sex and gender in Tasmania.
Discussion paper

Jurors, social media and the right of an accused to a fair trial

Jurors’ use of social media and other internet activity during criminal trials is the focus of research underway at the Tasmania Law Reform Institute (TLRI). There has been limited research in this area in Australia and overseas. The prevalence of juror misconduct of this kind...

Review of the Judicial Review Act 2000 (Tas)

This document discusses the Judicial Review Act 2000 (Tas) (JRA) and examines whether there is a need to reform the ACT. This report also identifies the limitations which the courts have placed on the scope of judicial review, considers whether those limitations are justified and...

Review of the defence of insanity in s 16 of the Criminal Code and fitness to plead

This report complements recent TLRI reports addressing how Tasmania’s justice system can better meet the needs of persons with communication difficulties or impaired decision-making capacity.

Should Tasmania introduce notional estate laws?

The report recommends that Tasmania’s existing laws enabling family members to dispute an inheritance should not be changed to cover non-estate assets without national consistency. It recommends that ‘notional estate’ laws, which extend claims to a broader range of assets, including assets a person gifted...