Jenny Onyx

Journal article

The conversion of social capital into community development: an intervention in Australia's outback

The research presented in this article employed a deliberate intervention to mobilize social capital and then studied the dynamics of the way in which it influenced community development.

Grey nomad volunteers: New partnerships between grey nomads and rural towns in Australia

This report sets out the issues and challenges facing Grey Nomad Volunteer projects but also the successes. There is clearly untapped potential for the development of mutually beneficial relationships between Grey Nomads and isolated rural communities through voluntary programs.

University-community engagement: what does it mean?

This article reflects on the nature of Community-University engagement from a research focus. This entails several steps. In this I start with ?engagement? and what that might mean in the context of a University-based research centre. I then reflect on the nature of ?community? and...

Ulyssean ageing: an alternative model for the third age

The way we theorise ageing provides a 'cultural template' which effects both policy and practice and which has consequences for the way people make a social contribution. This paper illustrates the implications of this cultural template by reference to an ongoing empirical study of Grey...