Angelo Gavrielatos


Australian Education Union submission to the review of funding for schooling

There is an historic opportunity to reform our school funding arrangements and a school funding system which is one of the most complex, opaque and confusing in the developed world, argues this submission. This submission provides further evidence to the Review of Funding for Schooling...

State of our schools survey 2010

This survey of over 11,000 Australian public school principals and teachers which shows: Teachers overwhelmingly believe the best way to lift student outcomes is to cut class sizes and increase the individual attention every child receives. The under-funding of public schools has led to higher...
Briefing paper

The needs of Indigenous students and their communities

This brief paper outlines the key areas for action to improve the outcomes for Indigenous students and their communities.

Joel Klein and the New York School accountability model

In the context of Education Minister Julia Gillard's interest in emulating Joel Klein's 'Children First' school assessment model in New York City, this paper argues that the model has not produced remarkable outcomes, and it will not address the issues of inequity and achievement in...

Excellence in teaching and learning for all through resourcing, accountability and support

This paper argues that the resourcing of our schools must be structured to achieve excellence and equity, constantly striving to increase expectations and standards in our endeavour to achieve an equality in learning outcomes for all students. Recognising that education is the most powerful transformational...