Australian Education Union submission to the review of funding for schooling

12 Apr 2011

There is an historic opportunity to reform our school funding arrangements and a school funding system which is one of the most complex, opaque and confusing in the developed world, argues this submission.

This submission provides further evidence to the Review of Funding for Schooling in response to the key areas outlined in the December Emerging Issues Paper:

  • equity of educational outcomes;
  • recurrent funding;
  • capital funding;
  • targeted and needs‐based funding including funding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students;
  • support for students with special needs and students with disability;
  • governance and leadership; and
  • community and family engagement.

This submission will argue that the current system is not fair; not equitable; not simple; not transparent; not value for money; not best practice; not evidence‐based; not sustainable; and not an ‘efficient’ expenditure of public money.

The level of government funding, both State/Territory and Federal, is neither adequate to meet the needs of our schools nor distributed equitably, efficiently and sustainably.

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