Maurice Rickard


Principle and pragmatism: a study of competition between Australia’s major parties at the 2004 and other recent Federal elections

This brief study addresses a number of questions about pragmatism and principle in the context of recent electoral competition between the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party of Australia, particularly at the 2004 election. Some of these questions are about priorities, and some are...

Free trade negotiations, the PBS, and pharmaceutical prices

There has been ongoing speculation as to whether, and if so how, the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) might be affected by US-Australian Free Trade negotiations. The US pharmaceutical industry has been concerned about the role played by the PBS, and other arrangements in Australia...

How much will the PBS cost? Projected trends in Commonwealth expenditure

This note discusses some recent projections of future costs to the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Author, Maurice Rickard, observes that care should be taken in basing future projections on past PBS growth trends and in comparing PBS growth with growth in other areas of Commonwealth...

The use of cannabis for medical purposes

The Premier of NSW has proposed that a four year trial of the medicinal use of cannabis be conducted in NSW. This Research Note examines the background to the medicinal use of cannabis, recent overseas experience, and areas of possible Commonwealth involvement with the NSW...

Reforming the old and refining the new: A critical overview of Australian approaches to cannabis

Cannabis, the most widely used illicit drug in Australia, is not as harmful (in terms of individual health and public health costs) as tobacco or alcohol abuse. However, there is emerging evidence linking it to the development of dependence syndromes and mental illness, and legitimate...