Richard Broinowski


Little to choose: comparing foreign policies of the major parties

As the federal election draws near, where the major parties and their candidates stand on foreign policy has been fundamentally absent from the public debate. A comparative analysis of the Coalition and the Labor Party’s positions on key foreign policy issues shows there is little...

Australia - Republic of Korea: new security arrangements

Richard Broinowski of the University of Sydney notes that the Joint Statement on Enhanced Global and Security Cooperation between Australia and the Republic of Korea "provides for expanded practical defence cooperation in military information-sharing, peace-keeping, civil-military cooperation, joint exercises and training, and technical exchanges in...

Australian nuclear disarmament policy - hopes, doubts, and questions

Richard Broinowski of the University of Sydney writes “with a mixture of hope and doubt” about nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

Australian nuclear weapons: the story so far

Richard Broinowski, former diplomat and author of the 2003 study 'Fact or Fission - the Truth about Australia's Nuclear Ambitions', writes that in his call for a 'full-blooded' nuclear debate, Prime Minister Howard probably doesn't wish to see such a taboo subject raised. But for...