John Wilkinson

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TAFE organisation and funding in NSW: past and present

This paper illustrates the role that post-school/non-university education occupies, and highlights the decisions that have set recent policy changes in motion. Introduction Technical and further education (TAFE) is important for the development of an economy. Hector Sala and Jose Silva, in their 2011 research paper...

The Richmond-Tweed region: an economic profile

Examines the Richmond-Tweed region in New South Wales, looking at its administrative and productive structure and the influences that currently bear on it. Introduction The Richmond-Tweed region (also known as the Northern Rivers) has experienced substantial changes. During the nineteenth century the driving force in...

The New England-North West Region: an economic profile

Summary: The New England-North West region (also known as the Northern Inland) has experienced substantial changes. During the nineteenth century the driving forces in production and employment were primary production and mining. During the twentieth century the predominant area of employment became the services sector...

NSW canned fruit and vegetable production: past, present, future?

This paper looks at the emergence of the canned fruit and vegetable industry in New South Wales, and at its progress in recent years. Introduction In March 2013 Windsor Farm closed its canning operations at Cowra, with the loss of 70 jobs. Apart from Billabong...

Construction industry in NSW: background to the insolvency inquiry

The global financial crisis (GFC) significantly affected the house/office building and engineering construction industry in Australia. From the December 2007 quarter to the December 2008 quarter, for example, owner occupied housing commitments fell by 22%. Although (in early 2009) the Rudd government launched the $42...