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Geoff Gilfillan


Casual workers in Australia and how they are being protected following the outbreak of COVID-19

This statistical snapshot provides the latest data on the number of casual workers employed in states and territories and regions within those jurisdictions, as well as the occupations and industries in which they work.
Briefing paper

Findings of the 14th Annual Statistical Report of the HILDA Survey

The 14th HILDA Annual Statistical Report 2019 has been released. This resource outlines some of the key observations.

The extent and causes of the wage growth slowdown in Australia

This paper pulls together the various sources of data available for wage growth in Australia and examines the reasons offered for slowing in wage growth provided by a range of organisations.

Trends in use of non-standard forms of employment

In the past few decades other non-standard or non-traditional forms of employment such as labour hire, employees on short-term contracts, and engagement of independent contractors have emerged as hiring options for employers. This snapshot sheds light on the significance and contribution of different forms of...

Small business sector contribution to the Australian economy

This statistical snapshot sheds light on the contribution of the small business sector to the Australian economy using key economic indicators such as employment and Industry Value Added (IVA).