Jacqui Richmond

Journal article

The challenge of liver cancer surveillance in general practice: do recall and reminder systems hold the answer?

The objective of this study was to measure participation and adherence to liver cancer hepatocellular carcinoma surveillance in eligible patients in a community health centre, following support from the Integrated Hepatitis B Service.

Hepatitis C and ageing: a community brief

Executive summary: An estimated 226,700 people in Australia are living with chronic hepatitis C. While the numbers of people estimated to have been infected with hepatitis C has reduced over the past 15 years, the number of people with hepatitis C-related liver disease is increasing...

Investigating general practice and hepatitis B

There is an increasing burden on the community resulting from chronic hepatitis B infection. General Practitioners (GPs) are essential in reducing this burden given strong evidence showing that the early detection, follow-up and treatment of chronic hepatitis B can slow the progression to liver failure...

National hepatitis B needs assessment

It is estimated that between 90,000 to 160,000 people live with chronic hepatitis B in Australia, yet no nationally coordinated public health response exists. A significant gap in the national response is the documentation of the specific needs of people with chronic hepatitis B and...