Best of both worlds: renewable energy and load flexibility for Australian business customers 2018

This study assessed the potential savings for demand response for wholesale customers in Victoria over a 12-month period, and found energy cost savings from 2.3% to 33.3%.

Demand management incentives review: creating a level playing field for network demand mangement in the National Electricity Market

This study, commissioned by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), has found that a move towards smarter electricity network regulation would improve reliability, reduce emissions and cut power bills for energy users.

Kangaroo Island’s choice: a new cable to the mainland, or renewable power

South Australia’s iconic Kangaroo Island, the site of Australia’s first free settled colony, could pioneer a new age of renewable energy, according to our new research. The first hardy settlers in 1836 had to decide whether to go it alone with a settlement on the...

The NEM report card: how well does the National Electricity Market serve Australia?

This report seeks to assess how well the National Electricity Market serves the long term interests of Australian consumers by considering in detail these two issues: What does “the long term interests of consumers” mean? How well is the National Electricity Market performing when measured...

Report of the 2010 survey of electricity network demand managment in Australia

This report presents findings on the first systematic national survey of Demand Management (DM) undertaken by electricity network service providers in Australia.