Mark Cully


Kirby comes of age: the birth, difficult adolescence, and future prospects of traineeships

Mark Cully of the National Centre for Vocational Education Research dissects what traineeships are today, who’s using them, how they have changed over time and the implications of all this for the current 'skills crisis'.

Employer-provided training: findings from recent case studies – at a glance

Two well-established findings about employer-provided training form the backdrop to this research. First, the provision of training and its associated expenditure are highly variable across employers, notably by industry and employment size. Second, employer engagement with the formal system of VET is substantial, and growing...

What it's worth: establishing the value of vocational qualifications to employers

What is the value of vocational qualifications to employers? Mark Cully considers three areas in which the economic value of vocational qualifications to employers is evident: in prerequisites specified in job hiring, in employment levels of people with different qualifications, and in the wage levels...

Employers' contribution to training: how does Australia compare?

Are we doing enough training? If we need to do more, then who should pay for it? In this discussion paper, Mark Cully examines these questions by comparing Australia’s training system with those of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and France. The...