Kathryn Moyle

Literature review

Indigenous early childhood education, school readiness and transition programs into primary school

This literature review evaluates and synthesises academic, grey and other literature about transition to school programs for Australia’s Indigenous children. Its purpose is to provide an overview of current research about factors that support effective transitions to school by Indigenous children, and to consider the...
Literature review

Challenges in STEM learning in Australian schools: literature and policy review

This literature and policy review outlines the complex context related to STEM learning and focuses on student outcomes, the teacher workforce and the curriculum.

Challenges in STEM learning in Australian schools

Australian STEM education seems caught in a whirlpool of problems that are contributing to one another. Student engagement and performance in STEM are declining, but we do not have the supply of qualified teachers we need to improve learning. The STEM curriculum is unbalanced and...

Building innovation: learning with technologies

Information Communication technologies, including social networking and games, provide new opportunities for education, according to this review of research. But the 'off the shelf' mentality which currently underpins the provision of computers in Australian schools may be stifling rather than enhancing innovation. The review explores...

Listening to students' and educators' voices

New research showing students' perceptions and expectations of learning with information and communications technologies has found that students believe technology is a vital learning aid. This report outlines findings collected from listening to and analysing the views and expectations of students within Australian education and...