Luke Murphy

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Transforming the economy after COVID–19

In this paper, the authors argue for an investment-led economic recovery, focused on job-creation and creating opportunity across the country, decarbonisation and restoring nature, and tackling inequality.

Renting beyond their means?

Housing affordability issues were apparent in the United Kingdom even before the coronavirus pandemic, which has exposed just how vulnerable many people are to a sudden economic shock and the inadequacy of the housing safety net. This report is not just about the housing benefit...

A poor tax: reforming council tax in London - final report

This paper sets out the case for change of the council tax system in London. It outlines some of the views of those who live in the capital and pay council tax in the system as it is, and how they would like to see...

A just transition: realising the opportunities of decarbonisation in the north of England

This report argues that, with a well-managed 'just transition', the north of England has the potential to become the new heartland for a low-carbon energy economy.
Discussion paper

A wealth of difference: reforming the taxation of wealth

The UK is a wealthy nation, but that wealth is very unevenly distributed. This has negative implications for both economic prosperity and justice. These issues are set to become more important as technological change, stagnating wages and rising house prices increase the income and gains...