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Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo


Digital forensics in the cloud era: the decline of passwords and the need for legal reform

The growing use of online and cloud services in the community means electronic evidence is moving beyond the physical jurisdiction of Australian law enforcement agencies. This paper looks at the legal and technical issues inherent in collecting electronic evidence from online and cloud services. The...

Data reduction and data mining framework for digital forensic evidence: storage, intelligence, review and archive

With the volume of digital forensic evidence rapidly increasing, this paper proposes a data reduction and data mining framework that incorporates a process of reducing data volume by focusing on a subset of information. Foreword The volume of digital forensic evidence is rapidly increasing, leading...

Mobile device forensics: a snapshot

In the increasingly dynamic environment of mobile forensics, this paper provides an overview of the capabilities of three popular mobile forensic tools on three mobile phones based on Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and RIM’s BlackBerry operating systems. The paper identifies where each specific tool is...

Cyber threat landscape faced by financial and insurance industry

Opportunities for criminals to engage in transnational activities have expanded with globalisation and advancements in information and communications technologies. This paper contributes to a better understanding of the threat landscape. Cyber criminal activities will increasingly affect the financial security of online business. It is widely...

Cloud computing: challenges and future directions

Cloud computing is now firmly established in the information technology landscape and its security risks need to be mapped and addressed at this critical stage in its development. Cloud computing can be defined as a pool of virtualised computing resources that allows users to gain...