Carl Ungerer


Cybersecurity: the view from Washington

Given the pace and spread of cyber attacks around the world, Canberra and Washington will be spending a lot more time consulting. October was cybersecurity month in Washington. On Capitol Hill and in several think tanks around town, US policymakers and analysts focused on various...

National security note 3: The debate over US grand strategy

Carl Ungerer outlines the debate over US grand strategy occurring in Washington, where a common theme is that American grand strategy will increasingly need to rely on allies to share the burden of international security. Walter Russell Mead once described US grand strategy as America’s...

National security note: The politics of US foreign policy

This report details the foreign policy views of Republican Presidential candidates. As Washington focuses on the Republican race for persidential election in 2012, carl Ungerer looks at two themes surrounding the foreign and defence policy stances of the Republican candidates. The first theme is a...

US debt ceiling and national security

After months of political debate, the US Congress reached a cautious agreement last week on raising the US debt ceiling and cutting government expenditure. The issue was devisive and needed compromise from all political parties, with the initial plan calling for US$900 billion in domestic...

The case for an Australian national security strategy

Two and a half years after the first National Security Statement to Parliament, it can be argued that the first wave of national security reforms is over. The key building blocks of a national security ‘community’ have been put in place. The challenge now is...