Cybersecurity: the view from Washington

22 Nov 2011

Given the pace and spread of cyber attacks around the world, Canberra and Washington will be spending a lot more time consulting.

October was cybersecurity month in Washington. On Capitol Hill and in several think tanks around town, US policymakers and analysts focused on various aspects of the cybersecurity problem, from the nature and scale of global cyber threats, to the possible commercial, diplomatic and military responses.

Following the September AUSMIN talks in which cybersecurity was added to the ANZUS alliance treaty arrangements, the direction of this debate in Washington has taken on a new importance. The outcome of these discussions will influence how both Canberra and Washington now operationalise their alliance responsibilities.

This three-page paper gives a summary of the main issues to emerge from those discussions.

From July to December 2011, Carl is participating in a Fellowship with the Center for Australian & New Zealand Studies at Georgetown University in Washington DC. He will be producing regular National Security Notes to provide ‘on-the-ground’ insight into the national security challenges and opportunities facing the United States during this time.

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