Sheila Shaver


Government/non-government relations: the impact of Department of Family and Community Services contractual reporting and accountability requirements

The past decade has seen profound cultural and policy change in relations between the government and non-government sectors. Influences such as new managerialism have reshaped traditional relations between these sectors as well as ushering in a mixed market in welfare services. Within Australia and internationally...

Culture, multiculturalism and welfare state citizenship

Theoretical discussion of welfare state citizenship has focused too narrowly on bundles of rights and duties, with too little concern for the cultures of institutions, relationships and meanings that define them. It has been convenient, especially for comparative research, to reduce citizenship to measurable quantities...

Youth Homelessness: Case Studies of the Reconnect Program

The recognition of youth homelessness as a social problem has been well documented over the last 20 years and more. Recent approaches to the problem put particular emphasis on prevention and early intervention strategies. Integral to such approaches are the supply of income transfer payments...