Margot Rawsthorne


Dropping Off the Edge 2015: persistent communal disadvantage in Australia

This report shows that complex and entrenched disadvantage is experienced by a small but persistent number of locations in each state and territory across Australia.

Families on the fringe: promoting the social inclusion of young families moving to non-metropolitan areas

Between 2001 and 2006, significant population growth occurred along the eastern seaboard states of Australia. A substantial proportion of this growth occurred outside capital cities, particularly on the urban fringes of large cities, coastal areas and the areas around mining towns.
Conference paper

Creating inclusive rural communities: grass roots perspectives on the opportunities and challenges

Rural communities in developed countries such as Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland have experienced profound challenges over the past three decades. The social fabric of rural communities in these countries has been and will continue to be affected by global and...

Government/non-government relations: the impact of Department of Family and Community Services contractual reporting and accountability requirements

The past decade has seen profound cultural and policy change in relations between the government and non-government sectors. Influences such as new managerialism have reshaped traditional relations between these sectors as well as ushering in a mixed market in welfare services. Within Australia and internationally...

Women’s lifework: labour market transition experiences of women

Ciara Smyth, Margot Rawsthorne and Peter Siminski describe the labour market transition experiences of Australian mothers who are balancing work and family responsibilities. The study reveals the contextual, fluid and complex nature of the life and work decisions that women who are parents make over...