Anne Hampshire


Free or not so free? The cost of education

State school education is widely considered to be free, but there are many extra costs parents are asked to pay.

Families on the fringe: Promoting the social inclusion of young families moving to non-metropolitan areas

Between 2001 and 2006, significant population growth occurred along the eastern seaboard states of Australia. A substantial proportion of this growth occurred outside capital cities, particularly on the urban fringes of large cities, coastal areas and the areas around mining towns.

Experiencing poverty: the voices of low-income Australians

Peter Saunders, Kelly Sutherland and co-authors report on the first stage of a project designed to develop new indicators of disadvantage for Australia in the new millennium. This stage of their project involved a series of focus group discussions with clients of selected welfare programs...
Conference paper

Engaging with Indigenous Australians: principles, practices and learnings

Many mainstream non-government organisations committed to enhancing the wellbeing of Australians want to more positively engage with Indigenous Australians. But 'good intentions' do not guarantee that, at the very least, no damage is done through such engagement. This paper explores some of the principles and...