Paul Flatau

Fact sheet

COVID-19 and youth unemployment: CSI response

This fact sheet highlights how social distancing and stay-at-home restrictions have resulted in disproportionate disruption to youth employment, and outlines how younger people will be more likely to face deeper impacts in their employment with consequent social impacts in years to come.
Fact sheet

Homelessness and COVID-19: CSI response

In this fact sheet, Centre for Social Impact (CSI) academics outline the current state of homelessness in Australia and highlight specific risk areas.

Homelessness in culturally and linguistically diverse populations in Western Australia

People from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds comprise an increasingly significant proportion of the population living in Australia, and yet their visibility and needs are not adequately reflected in our homelessness service system. This report was developed to explore and present further research on...

Insights into hardship and disadvantage in Perth, Western Australia: the 100 Families WA baseline report

The 100 Families WA project seeks to build a deep, rich understanding of entrenched disadvantage in Western Australia. This report presents the results of the baseline survey, which examined a number of key domains, including family and household composition, income, material deprivation, social and personal...

The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness: ending homelessness in Western Australia report

This report captures the voices of people who have a lived experience of homelessness as well as practitioners working in the sector. It is at this touchpoint, between frontline workers and clients who are seeking support, where the most valuable insights into what is working...
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