Public Policy Institute

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Public policy engagement guide: a toolbox for UWA researchers

This guide is designed to break down what research engagement and impact are in practice, offering core advice on how to sharpen your appeal, setting out different ways in which you can get going, and describing what the constituent parts of government are and do.
Policy report

Let every stage advance: policy ideas for Australia’s fiftieth Parliament

This publication contains eleven short essays from newly elected federal MPs and Senators, on the topic of a policy idea whose time is yet to come. The project has sought to engage with politicians, at the start of their parliamentary careers, on long-term public policy...

From workplace stress to workplace wellness: an assessment of the health and well-being of local government Chief Executive Officers in WA

Local government CEOs across the State of Western Australia are facing unprecedented levels of work-related stress. This report documents their previously hidden afflictions.

Big issues for WA: policy options for challenges ahead

In this document, opinion formers discuss concerns that are vital for the future success of the state’s economy, communities, public services and social cohesion. Contributors are focused on old and new problems, fresh ideas and approaches, and crucially, the use of evidence and expertise to...