David Gilchrist

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David J. Gilchrist
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Attributes of effective collaboration: insights from five case studies in Australia and New Zealand

This article argues that interest in collaboration reflects a growing recognition that the traditional bureaucratic model of public administration is not up to the task of addressing complex social problems. Collaboration most often occurs in dynamic environments in which multiple logics are in play.

The three sector solution: delivering public policy in collaboration with not-for-profits and business

This collection of essays had its origins in a one-day workshop held in August 2015 at The Australian National University. Jointly convened by Dr John Butcher (ANZSOG) and Professor David Gilchrist (Curtin Not-for-profit Initiative) the purpose of the workshop was to bring together academic researchers...

Australian charities 2013

The Australian Charities 2013 Report reveals that Australian charities employ nearly 1 million people. Additionally, charities manage around 2 million volunteers. The sector has a combined total income of more than $100 billion, growing by 2 per cent annually since 1990 Over 90 per cent...