Allan Behm

Discussion paper

How good is the Australia-China relationship?

In a disrupted world, how Australia manages its relationship with the dominant regional, and potentially global, power matters. China is here to stay, and no amount of Australian stridency changes that fact.

Securitisation – turning problems into threats

In the domain of international relations, as distinct from economics, ‘securitisation’ describes policy responses taken in response to problems that are deemed to impact on or be analogous with communal and/or state security.
Discussion paper

Demonising China during COVID-19

This papers argues that much of the corona virus ‘blame game’, including the Australian government’s call for an international independent inquiry into China’s actions, is misguided and self-interested.
Discussion paper

Re-thinking national security in the age of pandemics and climate change catastrophe

This paper highlights that security in the 21st Century is as much about defending the health, safety and prosperity of citizens from pandemics, disasters, pollution and supply shortages as it is about defending the state against armed aggression by other states.

Calling it out: political goals of the Commonwealth’s call out of Defence Reserves

This research by the Australia Institute finds that the Commonwealth’s ‘call-out’ of Army Reserves for bushfire relief served political rather than practical purposes, raising serious legal questions around the use of the military.