Greg McIntosh


Commonwealth child care support – what do families get?

This Research Note overviews what the Commonwealth provides in terms of child care financial support and assistance. It also includes calculations giving examples of what families can expect to receive in financial support for the two main types of Commonwealth child care subsidies—the Child Care...

The new Child Care Tax Rebate

During the 2004 election campaign the Howard government announced that it would introduce a 30 per cent Child Care Tax Rebate (CCTR) for out-of-pocket child care costs. The legislation that will enable the introduction of the CCTR was introduced in to federal parliament in late...

Caring for the kids: Commonwealth funding for child care

The Commonwealth first became involved with funding child care in a substantial way in 1972; in that year the it provided funding ($6.5 million in the first year) for non-profit organisations to operate centre-based day care facilities for children of working and sick parents. Since...

Caring for the elderly: an overview of aged care support and services in Australia

This e-brief aims to give an overview of the array of services and support provided to the elderly in Australia. Given the number and breadth of the various programs that are available to the aged and, given the fact that all three levels of government...

Who's looking after the kids?

This e-Brief provides an overview of child abuse and some of the measures aimed at reducing its incidence in Australia. Various data on child abuse is included, as well as a broad summary of its consequences. The roles of both the Commonwealth and the states/territories...