John Humphreys

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Policy report

Jumpstart productivity: new modelling pinpoints better tax cut program

This report argues that there is an urgent need for the Australian government to conduct dynamic tax modelling as a fundamental part of their tax analysis process; following the commendable lead taken by the UK Treasury.
Policy report

Budget 2019: why the long-term tax cuts should be fast-tracked

This paper argues that to differentiate between superficial tax changes and meaningful tax reform, it is necessary to understand the link between taxes, incentives and behaviour.

In defence of civil society: The virtue of prescribed private funds

The Commonwealth government is looking to change the rules governing charitable funds which may harm philanthropic giving and consequently, undermine civil society argues this paper.

Rebuilding Australia’s tax and welfare systems

John Humphreys outlines a vision of how the tax and welfare systems could be refashioned to ensure that nobody loses more than 30 cents of any extra dollar they earn.