James Renwick

Annual Report

Independent National Security Legislation Monitor annual report 2017

Reviews the activities of the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor, tasked with assessing the appropriateness or effectiveness of Australia's national security laws, for the reporting period between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017.

Review of Divisions 104 and 105 of the Criminal Code (including the interoperability of Divisions 104 and 105A): Control orders and Preventative Detention orders

This is one of three reports provided simultaneously to the Prime Minister as required by s 6(1B) of the INSLM Act. Each report concerns counter-terrorism legislation which, unless renewed, is due to expire by 7 September 2018. The INSLM Act requires me to provide reports...

Sections 119.2 and 119.3 of the Criminal Code: Declared areas

The Independent National Security Legislation Monitor has reviewed the ‘declared areas’ provisions in div 119 of the Criminal Code and recommends that the laws be continued, subject to some changes.

Review of Division 3A of Part IAA of the Crimes Act 1914: Stop, search and seize powers

This review concerns certain ‘stop, search, and seize powers’ contained in the pt IAA div 3A of the Crimes Act, which, except for a stand-alone power of emergency entry to premises without warrant, can only be exercised over ‘Commonwealth places’ and where there is a...