Peter Anderson


Competition policy review

This is the first comprehensive review of Australia’s competition laws and policy in over 20 years. The National Competition Policy Review (The Hilmer Review) of 1993 underpinned the development of the National Competition Policy – a co-operative initiative of the Commonwealth and State and Territory...

Competition policy review: draft report

Both the world and Australian economies have changed significantly since the Hilmer Review of the 1990s. The recommendations in this Draft Report seek to bring Australia’s competition policy up to date. The review assessed Australia’s competition policy to see if it is still ‘fit for...

Resale royalties and new directions for the arts

This paper, which first appeared on Gas Quarterly, fuel4arts, discusses the recent Australian federal arts policy and in particular the renewed interest in the resale royalty rights for visual artists. We are given a glimpse of the pros and cons of such a scheme which...