Adam McKissack

Working paper

Foreign investment into Australia

Despite the essential contribution of foreign investment to Australia’s economic growth and prosperity, the benefits of foreign investment are not well understood. This paper aims to provide further insights into foreign investment in Australia by examining the trends, the sources and the positive effects of...

Chinese macroeconomic management through the crisis and beyond

This paper examines the success of China's stimulus spending during the global financial crisis and the changes that need to be made for future economic prosperity. As in all the other major economies, China's macroeconomic policy framework was put to the test during the global...

Structural effects of a sustained rise in the terms of trade

While previous terms of trade booms have tended to be short lived, there are reasons to believe that the current boom could be more enduring. This paper considers the implications for the Australian economy in the event that recent rises in the terms of trade...

Economic roundup winter 2005

This edition of the Economic Roundup contains the following articles in PDF and RTF formats: * Fiscal Sustainabiltiy and Prefunding * Health Promotion * Net tax thresholds for Australian families * Tax system complexity and compliance costs - some theoretical considerations * Key themes from...