Lucy Snowball


Predictors of guilty pleas in the NSW District Court

Examines factors associated with early, late, and not guilty pleas in the District Court of NSW. Introduction There are well established practical, financial and emotional benefits of obtaining guilty pleas early in criminal proceedings. While criminal proceedings in NSW are most commonly resolved by a...

Reporting violence to police: a survey of victims attending domestic violence services

Aim: The aim of the study was to investigate what proportion of domestic violence (DV) victims who seek help from DV services choose not to report the violence to police and to investigate factors and reasons associated with non-reporting. Method: Data was collected by interviewing...

Community service orders and bonds: a comparison of reoffending

This bulletin uses propensity score matching to compare reoffending rates between adults given a community service order (CSO) and those given bonds (both supervised and unsupervised) or a suspended sentence (both supervised and unsupervised).

Is the decrease in assaults at licensed premises being driven by changes in staff reporting rates?

Aim: To determine whether changes to legislation and regulation of licensed premises have affected the willingness of staff in both Top 100 and unranked premises to report assaults on licensed premises. Method: A random sample of 1600 assaults over the period from January 2008 and...

Public confidence in the New South Wales criminal justice system: 2012 update

This report assesses whether confidence in the New South Wales criminal justice system has changed since 2007, whether changes in knowledge and/or punitiveness underpin any changes in confidence, and whether confidence in police differs from confidence in the courts. Method: Repeat cross-sectional survey of the...