Clare Ringland


The Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool (DVSAT) and intimate partner repeat victimisation

This report outlines BOCSAR's evaluation of the DVSAT screening tool (which is a key component of the Safer Pathway program), to see how reliable it is in identifying victims of domestic violence at high risk of repeat victimisation.

Participation in PCYC young offender programs and re-offending

Aim: To examine the effect of the Police and Citizen Youth Clubs (PCYC) Young Offender program on re-offending. Method: Young people who were referred to a PCYC Young Offender program in New South Wales (NSW) between 2010 and 2013 were matched (68% of 2,055, n=1,405)...

Can child protection data improve the prediction of re-offending in young persons?

Aim: To determine whether the inclusion of child protection data improves the ability to predict re-offending in young persons with few prior formal contacts with the criminal justice system. Method: A cohort of young persons who had their first, second or third formal contact with...

That’s entertainment: trends in late-night assaults and acute alcohol illness in Sydney's entertainment precinct

Summary: This report uses various data sources to show the incidence of night-time alcohol-related violence and other alcohol harm in the Sydney CBD in the ten years prior to the 2014 lockout intervention. Between 2004 and 2013 police crime statistics and triple zero (000) calls...

Predictors of guilty pleas in the NSW District Court

Examines factors associated with early, late, and not guilty pleas in the District Court of NSW. Introduction There are well established practical, financial and emotional benefits of obtaining guilty pleas early in criminal proceedings. While criminal proceedings in NSW are most commonly resolved by a...